Linchpin Programming
Linchpin Programming
Linchpin Programming builds dynamic websites with instantaneous processing of real-time data, uploaded from computers and cell-phones world wide. We have partnered with DCPower Technologies to provide comprehensive processing of its battery monitor chargelog. A tutorial describing how to utilize the processing and reporting capabilities of the system is available here.

In a nutshell, there are three aspects of the system:

First, a chargelog is retrieved from a battery monitor, via bluetooth, and sent, via cell phone or tablet, to a processing website. DCPower hosts a guest site, which allows occasional users to create summary reports for chargelogs sent to the site. To see what a report looks like, guests can hit the "create report" button on the site, which reveals the most recent Power Report.

Second, an archive system retains the summary reports processed. Finally, this archive can be examined and enhanced in various ways through a set of access utilities. The utilities include ordering archived batteries by statistics of interest and generating report copies for any archived battery.

Linchpin can quickly create sites for interested dealers and customers desiring their own report processors and archive systems. For details, click here.

Linchpin also has a convenient QuickCheck app that gives an abbreviated look at battery status without requiring wifi.

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